What is FR44 insurance?

FR44 insurance is similar to sr22 insurance but typically it is required for more serious violations.

An FR44 form is not insurance, it is a form endorsed to your auto insurance policy, and filed with the state department of motor vehicles.

An fr44 filing is typically for the worst driving offenses such as maiming or killing someone.

Where an sr22 is usually needed for driving without car insurance or a driving under the influence.

If you have an FR44 filing and the policy cancels the state DMV is sent another form called an FR46 that notifies the DMV the policy canceled.

An sr22 form is to provide proof of state minimum liability car insurance, an FR44 form typically requires the insured to purchase  twice the state minimum coverage limits.

For example, if your state requires minimum liability coverage limits of 25000/50000/25000  an FR44 filing would require a policy with limits of 50000/100000/50000 of coverage limits.

For state specific information, speak to a state licensed agent or contact your state department of motor vehicles or department of insurance. Click here for DMV links.

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