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Need to file an SR22 to get your driver license reinstated?

Texting, Distracted Driving, DUI, No insurance ticket, DL surcharge, Tickets or Accidents OK!


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How much will the sr22 filing cost?
The SR22 will cost you a filing fee of about $25-$50. The reason for the filing could impact you auto insurance premium. A driving without auto insurance ticket will not affect your premium as adversely as a DUI or DWI will. Your state DMV could charge a reinstatement fee in addition to the company's filing fee.

SR22 insurance

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What is sr22 insurance?

An sr22 is not insurance, it is a certificate filed by your insurance company with the state DMV providing proof of current auto insurance that meets the state minimum liability requirement. Filing requirements vary by state

How long will I need an sr22?

How long you are required to file depends on why you need the sr22 filing and individual state laws. Usually it will be 1 to 3 years. Ask an agent or contact your state DMV for your exact filing information.