What happens if my driver license is suspended and I move to another state?

If your driver license is suspended and you move to another state, you will need to get your driver license reinstated in the state it is suspended in, before you can get licensed in the new state.

It would be advisable and probably much easier to get you license reinstated before moving. At least find out what all you need to do, any fines and if an sr22 filing is required and for how long.

You can still go to the department of motor vehicles if needed, once you have moved, your only option would be doing everything by mail and phone.

If your driver license is eligible to be reinstated, more than likely you will need to file an sr22 on your auto insurance.

Once you get you license reinstated, you can apply for a driver license in the new state.

To avoid having to get two auto insurance policies, it is easiest to find an auto insurance company who writes business in both states.

You will need auto insurance in the state you are driving, and you need the sr22 filing in the state where your license is suspended.

The filing notifies the state you have current auto insurance and that it meets the state minimum amount.

If the policy lapses, the insurance company will send the state department of motor vehicles another form called an sr26 notifying them the policy has lapsed or cancelled.

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