Texting while driving legalities

Texting while driving is illegal in some form or another in many cities, states and counties.

Many more to follow and probably someday will be similar to wearing a seat belt, it will be illegal everywhere.

It is very dangerous.

Even were it is legal you risk causing an accident were you are hurt or killed or someone else is.

You will be held liable for this.

It is the same if you were speeding or driving intoxicated.

It is not worth the risk.

Pull over for a minute and send your text or email.

People who drive and text are usually going too slow, weaving and not looking at the road.

You have seen them and you know you do this if you text and drive.

When it becomes illegal, the insurance companies will begin to charge you more if you are ticketed, especially if you are ticketed for causing an accident.

Go ahead and start now and get used to it, put down the smartphone while driving.

Same goes for surfing the web or checking emails.

Can you imagine how stupid you will feel for the rest of your life if you are crippled or seriously hurt because you had to check a text message, email or surf the web while driving or if you caused a friend to do so.

Or how selfish it would be if you cripple or kill someone else and how bad it will be for you when you are found liable.

Be responsible and do what you can to keep your insurance costs down.

Putting down the smartphone is one good way for you to be responsible and to save in the long run.