Texas Driving While Intoxicated

Drunk driving convictions in the state of Texas are called driving while intoxicated or DWI.

If you are caught driving in Texas With a (BAC) blood alcohol level of .08 or greater you are legally intoxicated and will be arrested and charged with a DWI.

If you are convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Texas you will face stiff fines, driver license suspension, surcharges and be required to file an sr22.

First conviction – $1,000 annual surcharge
Second or subsequent conviction – $1,500 annual surcharge
DWI with (BAC) Blood Alcohol Content .16 or greater – $2,000 annual surcharge

In addition to the above fines, you will have to file an sr22 on your car insurance and
because of a DWI conviction your car insurance premiums will go up.

Just because you have a DWI and need sr22 insurance to drive, doesn’t mean you have to pay for high car insurance. Let us help and find you a cheap car insurance rate.

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