SR22 Insurance – Does an sr22 make my car insurance more expensive?

An sr22 is required when you have a suspended driver license or a filing could be needed to keep a drivers licenses from being suspended.

Car insurance rates are based on your driving record. An sr22 filed on you car insurance will not affect your car insurance rate.

There is a small fee for the filing but your rates are going to be based on the reason for the needing it.

Some people refer to car insurance with an sr22 as sr22 insurance, but actually it is not insurance. It is a certificate filed with your car insurance company letting the state department of motor vehicles know you are currently insured.

Drivers who receive a no insurance ticket that are required to file will not be affected as adversely as a driver who was convicted of driving under the influence.

A few examples of drivers who might be required to file an sr22 would be drivers who have accumulated too many points on their driving records for offenses such as too many moving violations, accidents, driving without car insurance, driving on a suspended license, DWI, DUI or a refusal to submit to an alcohol or drug test.

If you need to file an sr22, please allow our agents to give you a quick sr22 insurance quote and find you
an affordable rate. agents specialize in high risk driving records. Remember, just because you have a less than perfect driving record, does not mean you have to pay high rates. It is up to you to shop and find cheap rates!

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