Liability auto insurance coverage explained.

Most states require all drivers to carry liability auto insurance.

Liability auto insurance covers the driver should they cause an at fault accident.

The driver would have coverage up to the limits of the policy.

Policy limits vary from minimum coverage up to high limits.

In this example, the policy limits would read 25000/50000/25000.

It would provide the driver with auto insurance coverage up to

$25,000 per person bodily injury per accident

$50,000 per accident bodily injury total

$25,000 towards the property damage

The driver is responsible for damages above the coverage limits.

It is important to understand your coverage limits.

State minimum auto insurance is the cheapest auto insurance, basically purchased to keep legal and may not be enough coverage.

Drivers caught driving without auto insurance can have their driver license suspended and be required to file an sr22.

An sr22 filing can raise your auto insurance because you will be considered a high risk driver

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