My driver license is suspended, what happens if I my move to another state?

If you find your driver license has been suspended, you will need to get your license reinstated in the state where it is suspended,

before you can get a driver license in the new state. Click for more information.

It may be easier to get your license reinstated before moving, at least check with the state DMV where your license is suspended in before you move and see what needs to be done. State DMV information can be found here.

Once you have moved, your only option would be doing everything by mail and phone.

If your driver license is eligible to be reinstated, you may have to file an sr-22 certificate with your car insurance company.

Once you get your license reinstated, you can apply for a driver license in the new state.

To avoid having to get two auto insurance policies, it is easiest to find an auto insurance company who writes business in both states.

You will need auto insurance in the state you are driving, and you may need to keep the sr22 filing in the state where your license is suspended for a while.


How do I find out if my driver license is suspended?

You can contact your state department of motor vehicles. Click here for DMV links.

This is probably the best way.

By contacting the DMV, if your license is suspended you can find out what you need to do to get your license reinstated.

You may need to file an sr22 certificate, pay a reinstatement fee and pay any fines.

A motor vehicle report will tell if a driver license is suspended.

In some states insurance agents and companies can pull an motor vehicle report, but they probably won’t be able to tell you exactly what needs to be done to get you driver license reinstated.

If your agent has the capability to pull a motor vehicle report, more than likely they will have to charge you for it.

You would still need to contact the DMV and take care of any fees or fines due and to see if an sr22 filing is needed.

Click here for more sr22 information.

Licensed agent

California SR22 Insurance

California Department of Motor Vehicle website states drivers are required to maintain a minimum liability car insurance limit of 15000/30000/5000.

Failure to do so can result in your driver license being suspended and an sr22 filing being required.

Minimum liability car insurance requirements for private passenger vehicles in California is:

$15,000 for injury/death to one person.
$30,000 for injury/death to more than one person.
$5,000 for damage to property.

Financial responsibility is required on any vehicle operated or parked on California roadways and you must carry proof of financial responsibility (car insurance id card) in your vehicle at all times and must be provided as specified below:

* When requested by law enforcement.
* When renewing vehicle registration.
* When the vehicle is involved in a traffic collision.

The penalties and fines for driving without car insurance in California are severe. Drivers caught driving without car insurance can have their license suspended which results in higher car insurance premiums and needing the sr22 form filing.

More information about California high risk car insurance and California sr22 filing information can be found on the California Department of Motor Vehicle Website.

SR22 Certificate Filing Information

Drivers convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI) in most states are required to file an sr22 certificate.

Drivings who are ticketed and convicted of driving without car insurance are usually required to file an sr22 certificate also.

SR22 certificates are filed by car insurance companies with the state department of motor vehicles.

Not all insurance companies offer certificate filings. Most companies that do are considered high risk.
Policies with an sr22 certificate filing are considered high risk polices. agents offer low car insurance rates and filings nationwide.

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SR22 Insurance – Does an sr22 make my car insurance more expensive?

An sr22 is required when you have a suspended driver license or a filing could be needed to keep a drivers licenses from being suspended.

Car insurance rates are based on your driving record. An sr22 filed on you car insurance will not affect your car insurance rate.

There is a small fee for the filing but your rates are going to be based on the reason for the needing it.

Some people refer to car insurance with an sr22 as sr22 insurance, but actually it is not insurance. It is a certificate filed with your car insurance company letting the state department of motor vehicles know you are currently insured.

Drivers who receive a no insurance ticket that are required to file will not be affected as adversely as a driver who was convicted of driving under the influence.

A few examples of drivers who might be required to file an sr22 would be drivers who have accumulated too many points on their driving records for offenses such as too many moving violations, accidents, driving without car insurance, driving on a suspended license, DWI, DUI or a refusal to submit to an alcohol or drug test.

If you need to file an sr22, please allow our agents to give you a quick sr22 insurance quote and find you
an affordable rate. agents specialize in high risk driving records. Remember, just because you have a less than perfect driving record, does not mean you have to pay high rates. It is up to you to shop and find cheap rates!

What is an SR22?

If you have been told you need to file an sr22 and you don’t know what an it is.

An SR22 is a form to be filed by the insurance company with the state department of motor vehicles to provide proof of current car insurance for divers who have a suspended license or about to be suspended, based on their driving record.

A few examples of drivers, who are required to file are drivers who get no insurance tickets, DUI, DWI, at fault accidents with no car insurance or multiple driving violations.

What is an SR26?

If there is an sr22 filing on a car insurance policy and the policy cancels, the insurance company sends the department of motor vehicle a form called an SR26 letting the state department of motor vehicles know that the policy has canceled.

The filing is inexpensive.

Usually, the insurance company charges a fee to file it.

The reason for the SR22 filing can and usually will increase your premium.

Drivers who are required to file an SR22 on their insurance policy are usually required to keep it on their policy for 1 to 3 years, depending on the reason for needing it.

Drivers who are required to file to keep or reinstate their driving privilege and do not own a vehicle are required to obtain a non owner car insurance policy.

Drivers, who are notified they have a suspended license or notified they are now required to file an sr22 to avoid a driver license suspension, should contact their current company to see if they can file it for them.

Then shop for the most competitive rate.

Not companies offer the filings and if your current car insurance provider cannot or if you are currently uninsured, start by requesting quotes from three or four different companies.

Information and penalties for driver license suspension, reinstatement, revocations, filings and driver license reinstatement varies from state to state.

If you need detailed information, talk to an agent or refer to your state DMV or your current insurance company.

Sr22 Insurance Tips

If you have just found out you need an sr22 filing and ready to take care of it.

Start by talking to your current agent.

What is an sr22?

It is a form that is filed with the state DMV by your auto insurance carrier.

If you were caught driving without auto insurance or for driving under the influence you will need to file one in all likelihood.

Shop several different sources and don’t waste your time shopping with standard agents and companies.

Get sr22 quotes online and from independent agents, many independent agents specialize in high risk car insurance.

Companies offering auto insurance quotes and policies online can usually help find affordable coverage as well.

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How much will my car insurance cost with an SR-22?

* Your insurance is based on several factors, some of which are age, years licensed and driving record to mention a few.

* The SR22 certificate will only cost you the filing fee, usually about $25-$50.

* The reason you need an SR-22 could impact you car insurance premium.

* For example, if you need it for driving with no insurance, it will not affect the rate you have to pay as much as someone who needs to file
for a DUI.

* Best thing to do is start getting car insurance quotes, shop and compare several companies.