Texting while driving legalities

Texting while driving is illegal in some form or another in many cities, states and counties.

Many more to follow and probably someday will be similar to wearing a seat belt, it will be illegal everywhere.

It is very dangerous.

Even were it is legal you risk causing an accident were you are hurt or killed or someone else is.

You will be held liable for this.

It is the same if you were speeding or driving intoxicated.

It is not worth the risk.

Pull over for a minute and send your text or email.

People who drive and text are usually going too slow, weaving and not looking at the road.

You have seen them and you know you do this if you text and drive.

When it becomes illegal, the insurance companies will begin to charge you more if you are ticketed, especially if you are ticketed for causing an accident.

Go ahead and start now and get used to it, put down the smartphone while driving.

Same goes for surfing the web or checking emails.

Can you imagine how stupid you will feel for the rest of your life if you are crippled or seriously hurt because you had to check a text message, email or surf the web while driving or if you caused a friend to do so.

Or how selfish it would be if you cripple or kill someone else and how bad it will be for you when you are found liable.

Be responsible and do what you can to keep your insurance costs down.

Putting down the smartphone is one good way for you to be responsible and to save in the long run.

Distracted driving is negligent driving.

Distracted driving has always been a problem.

In recent years it has received much more attention because of the dangerous habit of texting and driving or cell phone use.

Many people are not even capable of walking and texting without getting run over, let alone driving and texting.

Distracted driving is negligent driving.

Especially driving and texting, your eyes are not on the road or other vehicles when texting.

It is extremely dangerous and in some cases even more dangerous than driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If you are found negligent in causing an accident from distracted driving in which someone is killed or injured, you can be help criminally responsible.

Distracted driving is anything that takes away from the driver’s attention such as putting on make up, cell phone use, texting, eating, etc.

Most drivers that are distracted do not obey traffic laws such as using their turn signal to change lanes or when turning.

They do not pay attention to speed, by driving too slow or fast and endanger drivers around them.

If you receive a moving violation ticket it will raise your auto insurance premium.

Many states and cities are banning cell phone and texting when driving.

If you are ticketed for this, it could raise your insurance as well.

If you are involved in an at-fault accident it will definitely raise the price you pay for your car insurance and could require you to purchase coverage through a company that specializes in high risk auto insurance.

Pay attention and put down the cell phone or anything else that distracts you from safe driving.

It only takes a minute to pull over safely to use your cell phone. Click here for more information.


Difference between a named driver and permissive use policy?

What is the difference between a named driver and permissive use policy?

A named driver policy is an auto insurance policy that covers the named driver only, for this reason a named driver policy is going to be cheaper.

Find more auto insurance coverage information.

A typical auto policy is permissive use and requires all drivers in the household to be added, excluded or provide proof the have other coverage.

On a permissive use policy, drivers outside the household who have permission to use the vehicle and only drive the vehicle occasionally would be covered under a the auto policy in event of a claim.

If the company offers safety responsibility filings they will file on both types of auto policies.

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What is a named driver exclusion?

A named driver exclusion is an endorsement form that excludes a driver from being covered under the auto policy.

Drivers are excluded for a variety of reason that include young drivers or drivers with bad driving records.

When excluded drivers are driving a vehicle and are involved in an at fault accident, the claim will be denied.

All Household members, licensed or not need to be added to or excluded from your auto policy.

Excluding high risk drivers like a teenage driver or a spouse with tickets or accidents can lower your premium.

In a claim an excluded driver is never covered, however they can be added to the policy by endorsement at anytime depending on their driving record.

It may or may not increase the premium.

If a person will be driving the vehicle they should never be excluded.


What is FR44 insurance?

FR44 insurance is similar to sr22 insurance but typically it is required for more serious violations.

An FR44 form is not insurance, it is a form endorsed to your auto insurance policy, and filed with the state department of motor vehicles.

An fr44 filing is typically for the worst driving offenses such as maiming or killing someone.

Where an sr22 is usually needed for driving without car insurance or a driving under the influence.

If you have an FR44 filing and the policy cancels the state DMV is sent another form called an FR46 that notifies the DMV the policy canceled.

An sr22 form is to provide proof of state minimum liability car insurance, an FR44 form typically requires the insured to purchase  twice the state minimum coverage limits.

For example, if your state requires minimum liability coverage limits of 25000/50000/25000  an FR44 filing would require a policy with limits of 50000/100000/50000 of coverage limits.

For state specific information, speak to a state licensed agent or contact your state department of motor vehicles or department of insurance. Click here for DMV links.

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Liability auto insurance coverage explained.

Most states require all drivers to carry liability auto insurance.

Liability auto insurance covers the driver should they cause an at fault accident.

The driver would have coverage up to the limits of the policy.

Policy limits vary from minimum coverage up to high limits.

In this example, the policy limits would read 25000/50000/25000.

It would provide the driver with auto insurance coverage up to

$25,000 per person bodily injury per accident

$50,000 per accident bodily injury total

$25,000 towards the property damage

The driver is responsible for damages above the coverage limits.

It is important to understand your coverage limits.

State minimum auto insurance is the cheapest auto insurance, basically purchased to keep legal and may not be enough coverage.

Drivers caught driving without auto insurance can have their driver license suspended and be required to file an sr22.

An sr22 filing can raise your auto insurance because you will be considered a high risk driver

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Texas High Risk Auto Insurance

Texas drivers convicted of driving without auto insurance or driving while intoxicated can have their driver license suspended.

If your Texas driver license is suspended, you will be required to file an sr-22 and will be considered a high risk driver.

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving without auto insurance in Texas carries severe fines and penalties.

Much stiffer fines and penalties apply to driving while intoxicated,

but drivers caught driving without auto insurance can have their driver license suspended and will only qualify for high risk auto insurance.

The state minimum liability auto insurance limits required for all drivers in the state of Texas is 30000/60000/25000.

Texas drivers required to file an sr-22 with the Texas department of public safety (DPS) are required to carry at least a minimum liability auto insurance policy.

Thesr-22 filing will be needed for two years and you will require high risk auto insurance.

Texas DPS has a system to verify if drivers are carrying auto insurance called TexasSure.

TexasSure is a vehicle insurance verification database that matches the records of registered vehicles in Texas to personal auto insurance policy information submitted by Texas insurance companies.

TexasSure information can be accessed by law enforcement and county tax officials.

They can verify if auto insurance coverage exists instantly.

State minimum auto insurance is affordable coverage, driving uninsured in Texas will eventually result in being caught.

Driving without auto insurance in Texas is definitely not worth the risk.

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What is state minimum auto insurance?

Every state requires drivers to carry auto insurance on their vehicles.

State minimum coverage is exactly that, it is the minimum amount of liability auto insurance required by state law.

Each state has it’s own state minimum auto insurance coverage limits.

State minimum auto insurance is going to be the cheapest liability policy.

It may not provide adequate coverage, but it will keep you legal.

Being insured under a state minimum policy is much better than driving without insurance.

The fines and penalties for driving without auto insurance are steep and differ between states.

In most states your driver license can be suspended for driving without auto insurance and require an sr22 filing.

If you are looking to get auto insurance as cheap as possible to stay legal, state minimum auto insurance coverage is what you want.

Some auto insurance companies specialize in and only sell state minimum coverage.

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